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National Immigration Forum’s Program

The District is proud to enter into its second year of partnership with, “The National Immigration Forum’s program, New American Workforce! The District of Columbia Government is dedicated to making citizenship services more readily available to District employees, their families, and hundreds of others who live or work in Washington, D.C. In partnership with the National Immigration Forum, we are helping District employees become naturalized American citizens, if eligible. To support this effort, agencies may authorize administrative leave for employees to take part in one of the sponsored 2019 Citizenship Workshops.

Employees who wish to attend one of the citizenship workshops sponsored by the Executive Office of the Mayor, and provided by the National Immigration Forum (through the New American Workforce Project), may be granted no more than two hours of administrative leave to attend one of the workshops listed in the next section. If an employee requires more than two hours of leave, the employee must request and be approved for annual leave, leave without pay, compensatory time off, or exempt time off, as appropriate.

At the informational workshop, experienced immigration professionals will discuss the benefits of citizenship, eligibility requirements for citizenship, and the citizenship process.

The workshop help with answer questions, such as:
 Am I eligible for citizenship?
How much does it cost?
Where can I study for the citizenship test? And more.

Those eligible to apply for citizenship will then receive free legal help filling out a citizenship application. So people interested in receiving the subsidies shall conduct the following steps:

1.    Must be a DC resident;
2.    Enroll and Participate in one of the forums listed on the flyer below. Candidates interested in enrolling in one of these forums shall call to the following number 202 383 5999; 
3.    Be vetted by a National Immigration Forum’s (NIF) Staff for determining applicants’ eligibility. Please note that the vetting process will be conducted at these forums;
4.    The selection process is conducted in a first come first served basis with a maximum number of 124 individuals to be selected. 

Once registered in one of these forums potential candidates shall provide any relevant supporting documentation that could help NIF’s staff to complete the vetting process.   

Please check workshops Schedule below: 

Session #
Friday, January 25th @12 pm
Judiciary Square (441 4th Street, NW)
Friday, February 22nd @12 pm
Reeves Center (2000 14th Street, NW)
Friday, March 22nd @ 4 pm
DCPS (1200 1st Street, NE)
Friday, April 26th @ 10 am
DCRA (1100 4th Street, SW)
Friday, May 31st @12 pm
Judiciary Square (441 4th Street, NW)
Friday, June 28th @ 12 pm
DFHV (2235 Shannon Place, SE)
Friday, July 12th @ 12 pm
Judiciary Square (441 4th Street, NW)
Friday, August 9th @ 4 pm
DCPS (1200 1st Street, NE)
Friday, September 13th @ 10 am
OCTO (200 I Street, SE)
Friday, October 11th @ 12 pm
DOH (899 North Capitol Street, NE)
Friday, November 15th @ 10 am
Reeves Center (2000 14th Street, NW)
Friday, December 13th @ 12 pm
DCRA (1100 4th Street, SW)


If you, or your family members, are interested in applying for U.S. citizenship, please call (202) 383-5999 to register.